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Structural Integration


Your First Visit

Time: Schedule yourself for a 60, 75, or 90 minute session.

Cost: Session prices are listed at iheartrolfing.genbook.com. Spicewood Office$10 discount for cash or check at time-of-service. All card types are accepted, including Health Savings Account cards. 

Attire: Rolfing attire generally consists of boxer briefs or loose-fitting shorts for men, and bra and underwear or loose-fitting shorts for women. Tight-fitting clothing, including some sports bras makes it difficult to work around shoulders and hips. Dress comfortably and let your Rolfer know if you would like to wear something different.

Sessions: Rolfing® Structural Integration is most effective in a series of 10 sessions, where each session builds on the others.

Future visits: If you are doing a series of 10 sessions, we typically schedule sessions weekly or biweekly, but this can be adjusted to fit your needs. After sessions #3 and #7 are natural points in the series where you may take a break. Sessions require a minimum of 1 hour, but please allow an hour and a half in case we need the extra time.

What to expect: At the beginning of your first session I’ll review your health intake form and answer any questions you may have. I will also check in with you about any aches, pains, or desired outcomes you have for our work.  I will give you space to undress down to your Rolfing attire and then assess your posture and movement. At the end of the session I’ll give you a few minutes to get dressed, then we’ll take care of payment and rescheduling (or you may schedule your next appointment online, at your convenience).

After your session: I recommend taking a 15 to 30 minute walk after your Rolfing session to notice any changes in your body. Walking also allows the body to adjust around some of the changes that have been made. I may also prescribe some homework that is either relevant to integrating the session or preparing you for your next session. If you have any questions or comments after your session you are always welcome to contact me. You will have my cell phone number and are welcome to send texts if questions come up.

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