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May 15 – June 15

Welcome to I Heart Rolfing

Please be sure to check out our home page and our Rolfing Introduction page. You will find lots of information about Rolfing throughout our website. Below you will find promotions that we run quarterly to allow people new to Rolfing to explore their first few sessions at reduced rates. 

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Introductory Rolfing Session – $150 $79

This sixty minute introduction to Rolfing is for clients who are curious about Rolfing, but aren’t sure if they want to commit to the 10-Series. Ideal for those who want to get a sense for what Rolfing is, and whether it is compatible with their needs. The time allotted will include check-in and assessment.

First Full Rolfing Session – $165 $99

This is the standard 80 – 90 minute Rolfing session clients would typically receive at the beginning of a 10-Series. The 90 minute session allows enough time to address neck, shoulders, hands, arms, ribs, diaphragm, and hips. The quintessential session one prepares the body for the changes that follow in the 10-series.

Two Rolfing Sessions – $330 $250

In the second session of the series your Rolfer shifts to building foundational support through the legs, ankles, and feet, to better prepare the pelvis to neutralize and support the spine. Sessions typically last 80 to 90 minutes and include time for check-in, assessment, payment.

The Three Series – $495 $400

The third session returns to the upper body to address the shoulders, ribs and hips from a different perspective. Using a more detailed approach the scapulae are released from holding patterns and the transverse processes of the spine are mobilized. The attachments between the ribs and the pelvis are addressed. Sessions typically last 80 to 90 minutes and include time for check-in, assessment, and payment.

The Ten Series

To learn more about the ten-series please continue to explore the site. We recommend starting with the Rolfing Introduction page and continuing from there. 

To schedule an appointment please visit our scheduling site. If you have any questions prior to your session, you may contact Kian by phone, e-mail or text.

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