About Kian

About Kian

I was born to two immigrants from Iran and Germany and grew up in the Midwest. My parents settled in Cincinnati and raised me on fun dance music, pursuit of academics, and business. My father was fond of Persian rugs and managed a local store, while my mother was interested in pharmacy and attended school to obtain her advanced degrees.

In my teenage years I practiced music, took up a meditation practice, and went to University for English and Psychology. I left school twice to travel around the states and internationally, lived a monastic life, and eventually took up an interest in science and began studying Biology. After a year of studying evolutionary biology and the neuroscience of subjectivity and agency I decided to pursue my dream of becoming an acupuncturist.

I moved from Portland, to the Bay Area, and finally to Austin where I began my studies in Oriental Medicine and Business. The long hours of studying and sitting at a desk started wearing out my body. I decided to take up a year’s worth of healing practices in different fields, including chiropractic, herbal medicine, Hakomi, and Rolfing. When I started my first 10-Session Rolfing series I felt fanatical about the positive effects I got from treatment. I was eager in between my sessions to return and get “Rolfed” again. I had never felt that way about acupuncture, so why was I studying it?

In 2015 I decided to leave acupuncture school and attend The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. There I studied for about two years with faculty and mentors, learning the deep skills of touching, listening, seeing, and using my body differently to effect change in others. Today I am honored to be among 2,000 Rolfers worldwide and to serve clients in Austin in their desires to heal, rehabilitate, release stress, and change their structure for the better.

To read about Kian’s clients experiences go to the Testimonials page.

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