About Kian

About Kian

As a teenager I was fascinated with psychology. I was first exposed to it in a high school course, and it altered my life. Years later I realized my fascination wasn’t with psychology per se, but with empathy – the ability to understand others and to be understood. It became a driving force behind my life decisions to find a way to express connection with others.

As I finished my degree in Psychology I had to make a decision: do I want to listen to people express their problems to me my whole life, or help people get in touch with themselves, overcome practical problems, and allow them to experience more of their fullness and potential in life?

Easy decision, but I didn’t know what direction to go. I started as an Acupuncture student at the Texas Health and Science University. However, I wasn’t enjoying sitting in classrooms all day long. I wanted hands-on experience.

That’s when I was exposed to Rolfing. It was three sessions in – I still remember the moment I knew I had to leave acupuncture school and enroll in Rolfing school – my Rolfer had her elbow in my calf. Somewhere in the unique mixture of pain, pressure, and relief, I saw my life path open before me. I laughed out loud and said “I’ve been waiting for someone to do that to me my whole life, and I didn’t even know it.”

That’s how I still think about Rolfing. People who step into it not expecting much are usually blown away. And those who know approximately what it’s about still generally feel “wow’ed” by the experience. It is, in my opinion, one of the most profound and effective ways I have ever known to open up the holding, tension, and constant stress that is occupying so many of our bodies.

In 2014 I visited The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration and immediately knew I had found my home. There I studied for about two years with faculty and mentors, learning the skills of touching, listening to the body, seeing, and using my hands to effect change in others. Today I am honored to be among 2,000 Rolfers worldwide and to serve clients in Austin in their desires to heal, rehabilitate, release stress, and change their structure for the better.

I find each and every client to be exciting, interesting, challenging, and rewarding to work with. To read about my clients’ experiences working with me please visit the Testimonials page.

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