About Kian

About Kian

I was born in Germany to two wonderful Iranian parents. We settled in Cincinnati when I was a young boy and I was raised in a multi-cultural school system with people from all over the globe. My early interests in martial arts, athletics and comedy during my early teenage years, were eventually replaced by a fierce passion for poetry, music, literature and spiritual wisdom.

I followed suit with my peers and attended college right after high school, but I repeatedly had the burning desire to study myself in greater detail. I had picked up a meditation practice and found myself utterly fascinated with the mind. I wrote thousands of pages of poetry and prose over the years in a sort of self-compelled frenzy to express beauty and creativity in everyday life.

In my third year of college I dropped out and lived in a variety of monasteries over the next two years. I lived in the forests of West Virginia, the Canadian mountains, and the temperate oceanic woods of Washington State. I spent most of those two years contemplating the mysteries of nature. When I was done with that journey, I begrudgingly picked school back up and wandered half-heartedly into the marketplace.

It took a few more years, but I eventually discovered an academic passion for biology. The elegant theories of systems biology, with its interest in how parts affect wholes deeply intrigued me. However, I was ready to start a career and decided to try on acupuncture school to see how it suited me. It didn’t take long for me to discover that acupuncture wasn’t a good path for me, but I was fortunately introduced to Rolfing just as that realization dawned on me.

In 2014 I visited The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration and immediately knew I had found my home. There I studied for about two years with faculty and mentors, learning the skills of touching, listening to the body, seeing, and using my hands to effect change in others. Today I am honored to be among 2,000 Rolfers worldwide and to serve clients in Austin in their desires to heal, rehabilitate, release stress, and change their structure for the better.

I find each and every client to be exciting, interesting, challenging, and rewarding to work with. To read about my clients’ experiences working with me please visit the Testimonials page.

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