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Recommended Reading:

Self Care:

  • Fascia Blaster – Ashley Black’s tool for self-release of fascia. If you buy this product I recommend starting with the FaceBlaster, which has smaller hooks and is generally more effective around the entire body.
  • The Foam Rolling Bible – For foam rolling addicts, this is a great resource to get the most out of your foam roller.
  • Still Point Inducer – Sold by the Upledger Institute, the primary teachers of Craniosacral therapy, the SPI does a terrific job of releasing cranial and neck tension, and balancing the craniosacral rhythm of the body.
  • The Rolflex – This is personally my favorite tool for self-care. It’s essentially a myofascial release and trigger point tool that you can use on virtually any body part. 
  • Neck Hammock – Another excellent tool for relaxing the neck. Simply hang it from a door handle and lay in it for 20 minutes. Very effective.

Informational Links:

Referrals for additional Austin Rolfers and Bodyworkers:

  • Gina Kilgus, Certified Rolfer – Gina is my business partner and girlfriend. She also inspired me to get into this field. I highly recommend her work, as do many others. To work with her you will likely need to schedule months in advance.
  • Nick Engel, PT – Forget what you know about PT. Nick Engel works in an entirely different manner, using manual therapy and nervous system work to release muscles and activate others. For complicated issues, Nick has a doctorate in Physical Therapy and can do excellent work.
  • AOMA Clinic – Many world class acupuncturists teach at AOMA. There is also a student clinic where you can receive sessions for $30. I recommend their North Austin location, which is only 5 minutes from our office.

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